Thursday, January 2, 2014

Auld Lang Syne Sheet Music Mani

Which, I'm just going to get right out there up front, I don't like. I mean, it's a great idea, I thought it was very creative. My execution was not the best, in my opinion, and that's the one that matters most, right. I'm sporting it anyhow.

My original idea for this was to do a line from We Wish You A Merry Christmas across my nails but I did all of those other Christmas ones and that didn't make it. The line I was going to choose was, "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" Which would have still made sense for a New Years manicure. Then my sister said you should do Auld Lang Syne.

Which made much more sense.

So here's what I started with.

I didn't do the timing break thingies (I can't remember what they're actually called; the single vertical lines) because I couldn't get the time broken up right. It wasn't making sense to me. Though if I actually tried to remember my music lessons and used them, it may have turned out better. I chose the most known, IMO, line of the song, so it's smack in the middle. All the stuff in the blue boxes up there, starting with the left thumb and straight across to end with the right thumb.

My original idea was to purchase a stamping plate and play with it but the one I was going to buy was too expensive for my tastes. I decided to try striping tape instead. I wanted it to look like actual sheet music so I started with an off-white base. Unfortunately, the base I chose was awful. I'm sorry, butterLONDON, but that polish is terrible to work with. I used Cream Tea, and while it's a very lovely off white, it's streaky, it leaves gaps, and it takes a bajillion layers to get opaque. I did three and I still don't think it was enough.

Because the base had to be so thick and because I wasn't waiting eight hours for it to dry, when I  used the striping tape to paint the musical staff and lifted it off, it took the base with it. Which then made me think I should have done it as a clear base but since all of my other nails were already painted, I decided to freehand the whole thing.

It was a nightmare and it took forever. I tried my very best to get things straight and not all splotchy and while I think I did a good job for me, it's not a good job. LOL I'm not proud of this one at all. From a distance, cute, but once you get up on it, no. It's a full-on Monet.

Now the pretty shots. Or what would be the pretty shots if I actually liked this one.

My thumbnail tips looked bare so I added what are supposed to be little holly berry bunches. For a fun extracurricular activity, try to Google holly berry. And good luck with not having to use booleans.

So there you have it. The manicure that looked much better in my head. I think it looks like a Christmas mime. :)

Colors used:
  1. Butter London Cream Tea base
  2. Essie Black Licorice staff, sharps, clef
  3. I Love Nail Polish A Fresh Evergreen notes, numbers, holly leaves
  4. I Love Nail Polish Very Ornamental notes, numbers, holly berries
I hope you all had a lovely and safe New Years Eve and wish you the best, brightest, happiest 2014 you could possibly want. Thanks for reading.


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