Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Zoya Ibiza (with Stickers)

Oooooh... Aahhhhhh...  Yep, this is one of my favorites. Dark blue. Love it.

I know, right. I finally got my window back, took the air conditioner out. It dried a bit bumpy because I used Zoya's Qtica drops which just didn't dry quickly this time at all. It may be the Ibiza's fault because it was a bit of a bear to use. Kinda thick and streaky. Then I decided to throw on some accent nail stickers, just one on each to keep it simple. I really like the color so I didn't want to hide it that much.

OMG a direct sunlight shot!
Freaky, I know. I fixed up the bumpies and used OTD to speed the dry time. And that's where she's staying.


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