Saturday, October 19, 2013

Smitten Polish: Bifröst & I Never Drink...Wine

But first--happy belated 1 year anniversary to Jess and TwoGirlsOneObsession! Jess pointed out to me earlier tonight that we'd missed our 1st Anniversary, which was October 2. Thank you for reading along, and I hope you stick with us! If you want to give us a present, we love comments! And now, on to the reason we're really here!

Smitten Polish, in my opinion, is polish genius.* I admire her creativity so much, and when she announced the new fall holos, I thought for about 2 seconds before leaping headlong into ordering the Fall Tree-o.

Then I added Bifröst because...seriously. How could I not? Blue is my absolute favorite nail polish color (well...except for maybe purple. But no, probably blue), and this particular shade, it reminds me of my favorite crayon from childhood. Midnight Blue--not just regular old Blue, not Navy Blue, but Midnight Blue. Rich and intense and beautiful, it sang to my five year old heart. The most important details in many childhood pictures and the best pages in my coloring books were Midnight Blue.

And now, now...painting my nails using Bifröst is like revisiting a very happy memory from long ago. Just look at this color.

Natural light, no flash
I didn't have great luck with the Bifröst, to be honest. I was so excited over the color, I dove in without benefit of any base coat. And top coat was not an option because I was running late for work, and by the time I got home, after 10 hours of typing, the chips were already too big to fix. So I just let it chip, cleaned it off a couple of days later, and went for a big ole helping of I Never Drink...Wine.

Artificial light, at night
Artificial light, at night, with flash
This time, I went with the Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab base and top coats. I know Jess had no luck with them, but they worked out so well for me that I'm counting on them to make this gorgeous linear holo last and last. But it can't last too long, because I've got Zelda's Fall-ly and Cocoa & Cardis waiting in the wings!

*She's one of my nail polish idols, and though I'm pretty sure she has no idea I exist beyond a Facebook comment or two, she's part of the reason why Dreamy Lacquer Co came to be. "She's from Missouri, too," I thought. "If she can be a hugely successful nail polish maven, there's no reason why I can't be a nail polish maven, too!" Now if only I could figure out the whole "becoming a nail polish maven" bit, I'd be set!

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