Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Pumpkins

You know how when you're working on something, trying something new that you're not sure is going to work for whatever reason, and as you're working on it you start smiling and giggling because it's going so much better than you had expected and you're just so ridiculously proud of yourself for pulling it off anywhere near as close as you were hoping much less even better than that?

That was all one sentence.

Considering last year's Halloween mani, and my lack of skill and procrastination on practice, I was that person up there. Because this turned out so much better than I thought it would.

I'm sure these are out there somewhere, I can't have been the first person to think 'em up but I was not expecting to pull them off so well.

I mean, really. Who was expecting something like that from me? I sure wasn't! I'm really proud of this one, guys. lol

Colors used:
  1. OPI Hot & Spicy for the orange
  2. OPI Route Beer Float for the pumpkin highlights (because that's seriously not the black streaking, I swear; I was trying to show the curve of the pumpkin, which was sort of a fail, yeah)
  3. Essie Black Licorice for faces
  4. OPI Don't Mess With OPI for the stems
  5. OPI Green-wich Village for stem highlights (also sort of a fail unless you get real up close and squint)
  6. Wet N Wild Hallucinate for pumpkin and stem sparkle (I added this because this was not the orange I really wanted to use for this mani, which was very sparkly, so I felt like the sparkle was missing once I got done; it is not on the black parts or the clear nail parts)
Now I just sit here and stare at them and giggle and imagine what I could accomplish if I actually practiced. :-P

Happy Halloween!


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